Tour data:
Country: Austria
Mountain range: Wiesbachhorn

Date: 10th of November 2006
Ascent duration: 4hrs 10mins
Descent duration: 1hr 55mins
Lowest altitude: 808m
Highest altitude: 2182m

Snow conditions: above 1800m good conditions for snowshoeing, soft powder snow

Weather: in the morning light snowfall, later sunny with chilly wind
from Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse (808m) to Gleiwitzer Hütte (2176m)

The first large portion of snow covered the Eastern Alps in the beginning of November and I was impatient to test my new snowshoes, so i decided to go for an opening tour of the upcoming winter season.

view back on Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse

equipment for the next 5 or even more months

mountain impression

view back to the Hirzbachalm (1715m)

Gleiwitzer Hut (2176m)

last sunshine hits the peaks

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