Tour data:
Country: Austria
Mountain range: Hoher Sonnblick

Date: 16th of November 2006
Ascent duration: 3hrs 10mins
Descent duration: 2hrs 15mins
Lowest altitude: 1580m
Highest altitude: 2268m

Snow conditions: 1850m to 1980m bad, otherwise sufficient to good

Weather: sunny with chilly wind

from Nassfeld (1580m) to Bockhartscharte (2226m)

the upper part of Gasteiner valley

Hoher Sonnblick (3106m) with weather station on the top

in the Bockhartscharte (2226m), in the back Hoher Sonnblick and Hocharn (3254m)

black & white

Unterer Bockhartsee (1872m)
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