Tour data:
Country: Austria
Mountain range: Granatspitze

Date: 26th of December 2006
Ascent duration: 3hrs 50mins
Descent duration: 1hr 30mins
Lowest altitude: 2260m
Highest altitude: 3086m

Snow conditions: very good to perfect, predominantly powder snow

Weather: sunny, almost no wind
snowshoe and rock climb to Granatspitze (3086m)

Stable and sunny weather period hit whole central Europe during Christmass 2006, so i decided to go to the mountains again. Because of lack of snow in the Eastern Alps i had to go to higher altitude and Granatspitze (3086m) looked as an appropriate target.
From parking place at Enzinger Boden (1460m) i took a cable car to Rudolfs Hut (2315m), where finally was enough snow to do some snowshoeing.

Enzinger Boden (1460m) from cable car to Rudolfs Hut

Granatspitze and Stubacher Sonnblick

Wiesbachhorn (3570m), Bratschenkopf (3413m) and Klockerin (3420m)

The snow conditions up here are simply great and i enjoy the best powder snow, that one can imagine. At about 2500m the terrain gets significantly more steep and snow is frozen, so i change snowshoes for crampons and continue gaining the height. Above 2650 metres it's time to switch back to snowshoes.

enjoy the powder

highest point in Austria - Grossglockner (3797m)

final steep part below the summit

Granatspitze (3086m) summit

The final section to summit looks quite exposed, but in the end it was not that tough. I stand on the summit of Granatspitze (3086m) and enjoy an amazing view around to e.g. Grossvenediger (3667m), Hocheiser (3206m), Wiesbachhorn (3507m) and of course Grossglockner (3797m). Unfortunately time is running, so after a short pause i have to start the descent back to Rudolfs Hut.
This was the last tour of, for me, record climbing year 2006... PF2007

Grossvenediger (3667m)

on the way back to hut

the last sun hits the western wall of Hocheiser
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