Tour data:
Country: Czech Republic / Poland
Mountain range:
Krkonoše (Giant Mountains)

Date: 17th of April 2010
Ascent duration: 4hrs 30mins
Descent duration: 2hrs 30mins
Lowest altitude: 995m
Highest altitude: 1509m

Snow conditions: in the morning partly frozen, wet in the afternoon

Weather: sunny
walk-up in Giant Mountains to Vysoke Kolo (1509m)

Nice snowshoes walk up in western part of the highest czech mountains - Krkonoše (Giant Mountains).

in the very west of Giant Mountains - polish peak Szrenica (1362m)

Route of Czech-Polish Friendship, Wawel (1492m) in the background

Sniezne Kotly and Wielki Szyszak (in polish) or Vysoke Kolo (czech)

view to Poland

eastern Giant Mountains, on the left is highest czech mountain - Snezka (1602m)

western Giant Mountains on the czech-polish border (in the middle stands Wawel, on the right is Vysoke Kolo - 1509m)
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