Tour data:
Country: Austria
Mountain range: Hoellengebirge

Date: 28th of December 2011
Ascent duration: 2hrs
Descent duration: 1hrs 10mins
Lowest altitude: 1520m
Highest altitude: 1770m

Snow conditions: powder snow

Weather: sunny, clear sky
from Feuerkogel to Rieder Hut (1765m)

After 3 days full of skiing, we switched to snowshoes for a day. From Ebensee town we took a cable car, which moved us more than 1000 metres upwards to Feuerkogel summit. While down in the valley was awfully foggy, up here was a wonderful sunny day.

welcome to Hoellengebirge

on the left Grosser Hoellkogel (1863m)

view towards Totes Gebirge Range

We've put the gear on and started to stroll thru a small skiarea. After a while we reached the Hoellengebirge plateau. The track was really not flat as we thought it will be and it was neverending up and down terrain, which increased the meters climbed. Fortunately, we were not the only people on snowshoes here, so the track was pretty solid for snowshoes as well.

towards Rieder Hut

finally there

skiarea at Feuerkogel

The walk to Rieder Hut was bit longer than expected and it took us a little over 2 hours to get there. We made a short break and jetted back to Feuerkogel as the sun was slowly moving towards the horizon and shadows were getting long. At 4PM we are back at the cable car, grabbing a quick beer and then descending again into the foggy land.

view around Upper Austria Alps
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